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All about child abuse (kids – start here)

Nobody should be hitting you, touching you in the wrong places, or making you feel bad. Adults know better than to do that. If the grown up does it anyway then they have a problem that needs to be fixed before they hurt you any more or hurt somebody else. It’s a bad place to be but there are things you can do to fix it. Here is a general overview of the child abuse problem.

Online Safety 0

Online Safety

Follow these guidelines and everything will be just fine. Remember, it may help to think of any kind of communication on the Internet as if you were talking to someone over the phone. There’s a real, live person sitting on the other side of that computer – and he may not be such a nice guy…

Sexual Abuse Survivor Survey

Sexual Abuse Survivor Survey

This survey is intended for child sexual abuse survivors. Please only complete this survey if you were sexually abused as a child. This survey is anonymous. Results will be supplied to child abuse organizations...


How child abusers trick kids

There are lots of ways the grownup can trick the kid into thinking that their abuse is OK or trick the kid into thinking the kid should not tell someone about the abuse. It does not matter what the grownup says. If they are hurting you, by hitting you, being mean to you, or sexually abusing you, then you need to tell someone about it. There is NOT A SINGLE REASON for you to keep it a secret – no matter what the grownup says.


I’m a kid that is being abused – what should I do?

First off, lets get two things straight. Write these down, say them to yourself three times a day, whatever it takes to get these two things in your head. They are VERY important. (1) This is not your fault. (2) You must tell someone about this. Here’s how to do it.


What does a child abuser look like? (for kids)

A child abuser can be a mother, father, a friendly neighbor, a friend of your parents, someone at your church, or even a teacher. You can’t really tell by looking at them if they are a child abuser or not. Child abusers can sometimes look just like normal people. But there are signs you can look for, ways the person acts around others and things like that, that might let you know the person could be a child abuser.


Telling or reporting child abuse of another kid (for kids)

It’s sometimes hard to tell someone that you are being abused or that someone you know is being abused. But, if you think someone is being abused then you must tell somebody about it. You can report child abuse without anyone knowing by calling your local child protection agency (CPS) or your local police or sheriff.


Signs of sexual abuse (for kids)

Sexual abuse of a kid happens more often than it should and it happens to a LOT of kids. Kids are usually afraid to talk about it or tell anyone. There are some signs you can look for though. If you see a person that shows only 1 or 2 of these signs then that may be OK but if they show a lot of these signs then something might be wrong and you should talk to them or tell someone else about it so they can help the kid out.

Google Engineer Fired for Accessing Teen’s Email and Chat (Kids News) 0

Google Engineer Fired for Accessing Teen’s Email and Chat (Kids News)

Many kids are aware of online dangers and know not to give personal information to someone they met online. But what you may not know is that any personal information you give to someone you *do* know online can be obtained by strangers.