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I’m a kid that is being abused – what should I do?

First off, lets get two things straight. Write these down, say them to yourself three times a day, whatever it takes to get these two things in your head. They are VERY important. (1) This is not your fault. (2) You must tell someone about this. Here’s how to do it.


What does a child abuser look like? (for kids)

A child abuser can be a mother, father, a friendly neighbor, a friend of your parents, someone at your church, or even a teacher. You can’t really tell by looking at them if they are a child abuser or not. Child abusers can sometimes look just like normal people. But there are signs you can look for, ways the person acts around others and things like that, that might let you know the person could be a child abuser.


Telling or reporting child abuse of another kid (for kids)

It’s sometimes hard to tell someone that you are being abused or that someone you know is being abused. But, if you think someone is being abused then you must tell somebody about it. You can report child abuse without anyone knowing by calling your local child protection agency (CPS) or your local police or sheriff.


Signs of sexual abuse (for kids)

Sexual abuse of a kid happens more often than it should and it happens to a LOT of kids. Kids are usually afraid to talk about it or tell anyone. There are some signs you can look for though. If you see a person that shows only 1 or 2 of these signs then that may be OK but if they show a lot of these signs then something might be wrong and you should talk to them or tell someone else about it so they can help the kid out.


Child Abuse Statute of Limitations

Many offenders may not know that like murder, there is often no statute of limitations on sexual child abuse in some states. In other states, the statute of limitations kicks in starting when the child becomes a legal adult. So its possible that criminal charges could still be filed.. This means an abused child can come forward much later in life and still prosecute and in many instances, imprison the abuser.


Child Abuse Statute of Limitations for each State in the United States

The statute of limitations, or the time that must expire before legal proceedings can no longer be initiated, differs for each state. In many cases it can be very confusing. Here you will find the statute of limitations for child abuse civil and criminal cases for each state in the United States.

Help break silence against child sexual abuse campaign begins 0

Help break silence against child sexual abuse campaign begins

Can you tell if your child is a victim of sexual abuse? Does your child know how to distinguish between safe and unsafe touch? Schools in the city are trying hard to make sure that they do. An awareness campaign has been kicked off in many city pre-schools to educate parents and children on how to detect and deal with child sexual abuse.

Minnesota Police concerned about increase In child sex abuse cases 0

Minnesota Police concerned about increase In child sex abuse cases

With the recent arrest of a D’Iberville man on charges of sexually abusing three children between the age of 10 to 15, law enforcement officials remain concerned about the increasing frequency of this type of crime. D’Iberville Police Department Captain Keith Davis told WLOX News, this is the seventh child abuse case his department has investigated in less than two years. For this small city, that’s seven too many.


Child Abuse Disclosure

One of the most frustrating and puzzling aspects of the child abuse epidemic is the child’s tendency to accept the abuse and not tell anyone. Nearly 75% of abused children do not disclose their abuse within the first year and 20% wait five or more years before telling anyone. This is all the more frustrating when you consider that non-disclosure allows the abuser to continue his acts unabated. The reasons for non-disclosure, the ramifications the abuser experiences afterwards, and the reasons why disclosure is so critically important are varied.


Report a Child Abuser

Afraid to contact the local authorities about a child abuse incident or would rather remain anonymous? You may report an child abuser here.